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The Art of Protest

Augmented reality app for acquiring skills to create a resounding protest and for involvement in a civic activity

Aya Segal

Mentor — Sarah Auslander
Design Management and Innovation track

The name of this study is The Art of Protest; the test case of this research field occurred during writing this study:  the 2020 protests, or as they were called, "Balfour protests." 

Protest is a fundamental civil right that allows an individual to exercise his or her freedoms and influence decision-making processes in a democracy. This study was researched not as a political text but as a spatial political aesthetic. My research consisted of both academic theoretical and field research and demonstrated the undeniable influence of art on creating resonant protests and political spaces of action. Studying the theories on performance by Richard Schechner, Jacques Rancier, and Hannah Arendt's politics and political Aesthetics and following a comprehensive field research I developed an educational app that refines the skill of protesting, which is lacking in Israel, by using a model of resounding protest. This app is running on augmented reality technology.

The app seeks to preserve and share events from protests that have taken place in the past; creating action spaces that combine the past with a playful experience in the present. It allows the users the sense of embodiment even if the protests are not currently occurring. The app aims to be an educational tool that allows a diverse target audience to acquire the skills to create a resounding protest and be involved in a civic activity that creates political spaces and teaches the right to protest in a democracy.

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Aya Segal

Aya Segal is an interior designer and design manager. She holds a bachelor's degree in interior design from the College of Management Academic and a master's degree in research for a thesis in the interdisciplinary program in the arts at Tel Aviv University. Her work combines human research, art, and exploring physical and virtual human spaces of action. Aya Examines and assimilates people's emotional and commercial connection with fashion accessories such as bags and shoes in the retail world.

The space in which we live is the total trace we leave during our lives.

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