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Local Nose

Smells from urban space as mnemonic triggers

Eden Hevroni

Mentor — Maya Ben David
About Design track

How can you present smells as mnemonic triggers?

Every time I smell beans with rice I remember my grandparents’ home. The smell transports me to the world as it used to be, and as I used to be, with grandma feeding me beans with rice, and thus the smell serves as a key to an old memory. My project presents porcelain smelling vases that contain smells from my hometown, Jaffa, suggesting that scent can serve as a vital piece in the historical jigsaw puzzle. It stores great knowledge and acts as a key to knowledge hidden kept in the recesses of our memory. The use of vases is evocative of the use of amphorae and urns found in archeological excavations in Jaffa. The vases where the items are collected are reminiscent of the anatomy of smelling organs – the vase has an internal “smelling organ” and a special stand for the item. Please smell from the top of the vase. The project examines the possibility of collecting smells for a future database of the city's smells.

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Eden Hevroni

Eden Hevroni was born and raised in Jaffa. In 2015, she graduated from Bezalel’s Ceramics and Glass Design Department. During her studies, she exhibited in Israel and New York. After her graduation, Eden relocated to Poland for an internship at the Ćmielów Porcelain Factory, working with designer Marek Cecula. After her internship, Eden was invited to participate in the Franz Award International Porcelain Design Competition in China, with more than 4,000 designers from around the world. Eden presented a perfume bottle design, which has been awarded the gold medal. Today, Eden works in her studio in Jaffa, and writes her thesis at Haifa University, while studying for her M.Des in Bezalel academy.

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