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Emotional Literacy in Digital Media

Keren Azuz Arien

Mentor — Saron Paz
Design and Technology track

feelAment is a study that examines emotional literacy* via digital media and aims to develop tools to expand the possibilities of expressing and deciphering text messages through graphic gestures, a rich and layered emotional legend, and an innovative gesture keyboard. Arien, a graphic designer, presents an innovative keyboard for expressing emotions in digital media, based on Prof. Robert Plotchik’s research. The keyboard allows the user to choose an emotion out of eight basic emotions, as well as choose its intensity and if necessary mix a number of different emotions together. The tool enables greater richness of emotional expression in textual digital media on the one hand and a clearer and effective discourse on the other. Experience the ReadMe prototype onlineExperience the ReadMe prototype online

* Emotional literacy - self-awareness of emotions, and the ability to identify and manage them.

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Keren Azuz Arien

Keren Azuz Arien, a graphic designer who graduated from Vital-Shenkar, owner of the KerenA studio, has been working in the design arena for nearly two decades and has designed for large companies in Israel. Keren's ​​expertise lies in discovering the business DNA, out of which she creates significant and valuable branding for her customers. For the past decade, Keren has been providing event branding services to production companies in Israel and abroad, creating marketing and sales presentations.

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