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The Laundry Project

Looking for Distant Intimacy

Noëmie Cohen

Mentor — Liora Rosin
About Design track

How to nurture intimacy with someone living far away?

This project tells the story of a mother and daughter living in different countries, trying to reinvent the way they communicate daily and to introduce new elements into their domestic sphere, for better sync. The project focuses on one ambiguous domestic element: the heap of clothes. Considered both a textile testimony of the day and the vestige of the other's body, this heap becomes an invented language and the locus of a series of transitional objects.

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Noëmie Cohen

Noëmie is a multidisciplinary designer from France, currently based in Tel Aviv. She explores themes such as domesticity and ritual in a practice blending graphic design, drawing and product design. 

“My approach to design is based on collage, a playful and intuitive way for me to compose alternative objects, spaces or realities”.

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