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The AI in the Studio

Technological Creative Subconscious

Shir Senior

Mentor — Tomer Sapir
Design and Technology track

How can we help designers and artists expand their personal language using GAN models?

As in all other areas of our life, AI also enters the worlds of creation and art. Many artists use the computer as the creator of the end result of their art. It generates endless images and the artist chooses from them. That is, the artist changes his role and becomes a curator whose job is to pick the wheat from the chaff. In the project I chose to use a styleGAN algorithm. These AI models of artificial intelligence are fed into a repository of images, the algorithm "learns" them and manages to produce more images in the same style. I am interested in exploring the repositioning of this technology in creative processes, in the sketch stage. 

Sketchbooks are a kind of sacred space for creators and artists, they store reflections and development directions and represent the artist's personal idiom. 

In the project, I feed a sketchbook into a model to create an endless variety based on this information. My contention is that this endless body of images represents a kind of "creative subconscious". I print selected sketches generated by the computer inside an empty sketchbook and submit them to the artist who drew the original sketch. The creator's encounter with the new but familiar sketches can allow the creator to reconsider his personal style and body of work and piques curiosity about how the results relate to or generalize from his style.

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Shir Senior

Industrial designer, Bezalel graduate, lives in Tel Aviv. Loves design that makes the viewer laugh and think.

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