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Thought Space

Bi-directional Vocal Diary

Yonatan Assouline

Mentor — Tomer Sapir
Design and Technology track

I talk to myself, we all do, all the time, it’s perfectly normal. Talking to ourselves aloud helps us cope with feelings and process our thoughts. Thought Space based on this mechanism, documents the spoken, as text, and extracts insights from it for me, the user. The history of voice recording began with the first attempts by Édouard-Léon Scott in 1857, followed by Edison’s first Dictaphone.

Modern versions are the tape recorder and today’s voice recording apps. All share the functionality of recording and playing back voice. Thought Space follows in their footsteps and adds another layer, not just recording and playing, but turning this database into knowledge, making the interaction bidirectional, enabling to also extract insights. The Thought Space is made of a physical interface – a handheld device – and digital platform. The device, based on Raspberry-Pi, has a microphone, speaker and sensors responsible for the physical interaction.

The digital platform transcribes the speech and performs quantitative text analysis to provide unexpected insights.The insights are extracted by applying Big Data analysis methods on a personal database, from which unseen connections can be made, hence Small Data. 

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Yonatan Assouline

Innovator, man of the sea and proud father, Co-Founder of Flamingo, product design agency. Practices practical poetry, believes in the beauty of idiocy, and the idiocy of beauty.

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