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Temporary Textile

Visual translation of fashion trends

Adi Yair

Mentor — Tal Mor Sinay
About Design track

How is the identity of a place expressed in its textiles?

In this work Adi creates an experimental textile collection that tries to decipher Israeli fashion and the trends that dominate it. She does so by translating data from the field into a new visual language.

A garment has its own identity which conveys messages about the wearer. Adi's patterns are physical representations of questions regarding status, social norms, openness, aesthetic, ideological conceptions of body and form, answered through color use, style, clothing structures, use of materials, and consumption habits. On the one hand, Adi carries out an analogue collection of the design images and structures them into a pattern using a code. On the other hand, she performs guided information simulation by building a textile lab where each visitor analyzes their clothes and contribute to creating patterns of time and place. Adi strives to display this pilot in galleries, museums and public spaces, in both Israel and abroad, in order to collect textiles of people and places and test their ability to also serve as an archeological- historical tool. How much is the identity of a society reflected in textiles and when and where are we similar or different from each other? This move of translating information into textile poses the question of the meaning of today’s textiles: Why are we left with only a desire for aesthetics and why we have lost the desire to use this medium to convey information and learn about the spirit of the time and the people who lived during it.  

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Adi Yair

Adi is a Jerusalem-based artist examining the tension between art and fashion by exploring the spectrum between traditional methods and contemporary style. As a fashion designer, she weaves the textiles for her garments on a traditional loom. She uses the loom in nonstandard ways by developing and creating her own tools and techniques, resulting in textures and clothes that express her unique graphic designs. In addition, she combines her weaving technique in various art exhibitions, integrating scientific techniques and anthropological research in her work.

I am looking for new methods and rules to create experimental textiles.

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