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Human-Centered Technology

Artificial intelligence as a solution for executive loneliness in the decision-making process, a case study

Hani Lozinsky

Mentor — Roee Bigger
Design Management and Innovation track

Managers at the top of the pyramid are required to make fateful decisions without colleagues to consult or share responsibility with. This leads to loneliness that can have detrimental consequences for their decision-making. How can technology that serves the individual alleviate that loneliness?

Human-Centered Technology Model (HCT) is a model that encourages creative thinking, inspired by the design thinking approach that addresses current problems from the users' point of view, and by a speculative design method that raises hypotheses to imagine possible futures. Teams of AI developers receive a brief: a scenario occurring in 2050, featuring two characters: Claire, a 45-year-old biologist, and AI. Claire develops a skin shell that protects the inhabitants of Mars against radiation. Along the way she faces complex challenges and dilemmas. Claire's loneliness is reflected in her work environment consisting of robots and AI. The scenario describes various interactions between the two protagonists, including an interaction that demonstrates AI’s ability to monitor Claire's loneliness, reflect on her condition and help her make decisions.

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Hani Lozinsky

Hani is a customer experience expert, specializing in identifying gaps and implementing processes that improve operations, customer service, customer success and innovation in large organizations. She has held various leadership positions in hi-tech and government and has established the first customer success department in the Israeli public sector. Empathy, research, and creativity help her achieve what she always strives for - finding the best solutions for her customers. By education, Hani is an industrial and management engineer with an MDes from Bezalel’s Industrial Design,Design Management and Innovation track.

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