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Nomadic Zoning

Designing Temporary Zoning Codes for Mobile Homes

Alon Halamit

Mentor — Prof. Chanan De Lange
About Design track

The world is becoming more and more dynamic and pixelated, and people’s commitment to a physical place is diminishing. A new type of contemporary nomadism is rising around the world and in Israel. Contemporary Nomads who choose to scale down their lives into small, smart and mobile homes in search of a dynamic, alternative life while maintaining quality of living and comfort.

The project’s field of action is designing a conceptual plan for temporary residential codes for mobile homes. The main product of the project is a new type of zoning code, a Nomadic City Building Plan, an architectural term that defines a vision and rules for planning a certain area. The plan offers temporary use of lands regardless of their long-term purpose, including evacuation.

Temporary residency can alleviate the shortage of lands for housing in Israel, especially for alternative and rural housing. These arrays can be a formative cultural factor in Israel and trigger behavioral change for people regarding conventional conceptions of housing. What would the world look like if there were temporary neighborhoods, neighborhoods where homes are not fixed to the ground and could move at anytime.

The concept of temporality is relative. The pace of change in the world is accelerating. Architecture as we know it today is fixed, heavy and eternal, how would the world be if Architecture would be dynamic, light and temporary?

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Alon Halamit

Alon Halamit (1983) is an engineer and designer from Jerusalem. Designs and builds for People. BA with honors in civil engineering, Ben-Gurion University, and MDes in industrial design, Bezalel. His work consists of designing alternative structures and spaces in the belief that the spaces in which we reside have a great impact on our wellbeing. Alon deals with project planning, design and management with 10 years of professional experience in the worlds of construction and design in Israel and abroad. Alon strives to create spaces that will inspire those residing in them and create different residential alternatives.

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