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Design Management and Innovation track

The Design Management and Innovation track gives the students an opportunity to research and develop in new fields of knowledge, in which their tool box as designers will be a competitive advantage.

The track focuses on enhancing design thinking as a base for innovation and social change through three main fields:

Design as a strategic tool for business growth: Design management puts the designer in the position of decision making. It allows the designer to lead processes based on design thinking through the design methodologies for identifying needs, analyze trends, characterize products and design processes.

Design as a research tool: research methodologies that use the design tools that offer design based solutions.

Design as a social change tool: A wide perspective on the environment in which the designer operates. Mapping the complex ecosystem in which a product or service exists through using the tools from the design management world.

The studies in the track are based on collaborations with the industry and the public sector such as:

  • Brainsway, Jolt, Aleph Farms — Design strategic innovation for a technological company, identifying needs, developing a product and making it accessible to new clients.
  • the Transportation Ministry, the Finance Ministry, Joint Israel — Design of services for social equality through design thinking process.
  • Sheba, Tzabar Medicine — Developing home hospitalization projects based on design.

Graduate projects from the 

Design Management and Innovation track