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Archive V


Carmi Dror

Design and Technology track

Mentor — 

Tomer Sapir

How to preserve human uniqueness in the future digital world? A digital database of human hands catalogued by profession and field of interest.

Archive V is a digital database of human hands, cataloged by profession and field of interest. It is dedicated to preserving physical characteristics and actions in preparation for the future – a future where physical activity will be significantly reduced. The archive is being constructed while thinking of a future where physical information will be upgraded and optimized to such a point that individual human uniqueness will be lost. The scanner used for collecting hands in the database allows for a highly sensitive scanning that incorporates, together with the images, one’s most personal characteristics such as heartbeats, movements etc., captured as a disruption that cannot be planned in advance. In this manner we are able to convert into a digital format the unique and irreproducible nature of a person’s hands, leaving a most personal human imprint in the form of digital files.

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Carmi Dror

A multidisciplinary artist practicing lens-based art and digital spaces. Examining art and technology simultaneously, she is interested in the junction between imagery, computer vision and human perception. Dror graduated with a BFA in photography from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and the Cooper Union School of Art, New York. She also graduated with an M.Des from the design and technology track at Bezalel. She is a lecturer on digital art in Bezalel. Dror received a grant for outstanding artists from the Rabinovich Foundation in 2018 and 2019. Her works have been exhibited at the CCA, the Weizmann Institute, Rozenfeld Gallery, Beit Ha'ir Museum in Tel Aviv, Mane Katz Museum, to name a few. Her work was published in a variety of publications including the Dossier Journal and the Weizmann Institute’s annual catalog. She was also commissioned to collaborate on projects with fashion brand Comme Il Faut, the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, and the Beersheba Municipality as a VJ and visual director. Her works are included in public and private collections worldwide.

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