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Design and Technology track

The technological space reinvents almost every aspect in our life — agriculture and communication, relationships and education, transportation and health — it changes the social texture.

Technological developments are created with the promise to disrupt the known fields, to bring markets and entire industries forward and to change the future of humanity for the better. Technology surrounds us, merges with man and shapes him and there for by 2020 the term has almost lost its meaning.
With this in mind — in the technology and design track, we try to understand what is “technology” as a promise for a better future, or as a creative response to human action.      

The designer mediates between the technological and the everyday life and gives the technology a shape and meaning in order to make it accessible. The role of designers is to imagine, to use intuition, to establish it, to be critical and creative in order to allow a person to dictate the desired modes of interaction. For us, technology is a tool and expression of the accumulated knowledge of human society - and in the track we allow each student to engage with the materials that interests them, and encourage them to imagine and act to create change...
The track offers collaborations with leading companies and start-ups, exceptional academic and artistic collaborations —

  • Collaboration with the Departments of Art and Industrial Engineering and Management from Ben Gurion University on the topic of robotics
  • Ongoing collaboration with Amit Zoran's laboratory at the Hebrew University on the topic of power and technology
  • Research-design collaborations with the Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo dealing with biotechnology and the transportation of the future
  • Collaborates with Intel in search of possible applications for generative models.

Graduate projects from the 

Design and Technology track