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Ehud Shiloh

Design and Technology track

Mentor — 

Shlomi Azulay

Peer learning system for HMO physicians.

HMO physicians operate in a routine, enervating and lonely environment – each is shut inside his or her clinic, alone with the computer and the waiting room. One of the challenges in this type of work is the fixation of paradigms that lead to a drop in the professional tension, in creativity, and in the ability to identify unique pathologies. 

Unlike hospitals, where the patients are treated based on professional collaboration that exposes the doctor to other perspectives, in community clinics, diagnosis and treatment are based exclusively on the professional knowledge an experience of the treating physician. Actually, what happens is a one-person brainstorm. 

In this project, I propose a digital system that will enable data sharing between colleagues – community doctors with a certain specialization – allowing them to gain insights into diagnoses and anamneses performed in the course of their work. The system gathers information out of the visit summaries every doctor writes, and breaks the text into several categories: the patient’s personal information, description of the complaint, duration, previous treatments, findings and possible diagnosis. 

Every weekend, the system reports to the doctor on the number of diagnoses given for every pathology compared to her peers, and in addition, it enables to study each pathology in depth by creating a typical anamnesis diagram and proposing alternative questions that can lead to different diagnoses. 

The computer system is a kind of colleague who provides critical but not judgmental feedback that can lead to self-scrutiny of thought patterns that have congealed with time. 

The project is inspired by tools such as social media, tools for sharing theoretical and practical knowledge that enable raising new ideas despite the lack of direct acquaintance between the knowledge sharers. The knowledge is optimally adopted and the sense of professional loneliness is reduced.

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Ehud Shiloh

Ehud Shiloh has a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering from Ben-Gurion University and an M.Des in industrial design (design and technology track) from Bezalel. Ehud deals in mechanical design of airborne radar systems for the Israeli Military Industry. He specializes in planning, developing and engineering design of complex aerial products, with experience in managing products from the idea through the manufacturing to the implementation stage. His M.Des projects deal with using technology as a design tool for quality-of-life-improvement systems and interfaces, based on design and user experience research.

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