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Let's Grow!


Inbal Fogel

Tools for engaging residents in designing public spaces

The project proposes a modular, multiphase move, designed to enable urban residents to take part in shaping their public space using plants. 

Urban streets that combine residential, commercial and transportation uses are often characterized by crowdedness and neglect that affect the quality of life of all users – residents, workers and passers-by. The area where the project is focused is building façades – privately owned areas that represent an important aspect of the street experience, where the municipality is powerless to intervene. Adding vertical vegetation in this area (creepers, hanging plants, green walls) in this area expresses the connection between humankind and nature, contributes to improving the quality of life for all street users, and meets the need of absorbing pollution and noise and reducing the temperature. 

The process is accompanied and managed by the municipality or a public or private organization, and it ensures full involvement by the residents in formulating the vision, decision-making and implementation. The model is based on existing sustainability collaborations between municipalities and residents in Israel and worldwide. It is similar to the community garden model, where residents collaborate in cultivating a patch of land. 

Engagement produces a sense of belonging and community, and encourages us to preserve, cultivate and grow in our lived environment – to bring nature back into the concrete jungle!

A 12-week pilot has been conducted on Florentin St. In Tel Aviv-Jaffa. It focused on two buildings, with the participation of nine residents, all plant lovers, some from those buildings and some from other streets.

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Inbal Fogel

With a BFA in jewelry design from Shenkar, Inbal has worked in the international jewelry industry for about a decade. Today she is a freelance designer, also involved in the areas of design research, user research, workshop facilitation, and teaching jewelry. Inbal is an urban mom and nature buff.

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