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Lone Creation Experience


Moran Barak

Tools for developing creative ideas and turning them into reality for people who work alone.

Changes in the workforce push many to opt for self-employment and start a one-person business in order to achieve self-realization and work/life balance. 

Such a business enables opportunities related to self-development, creativity, freedom, and self-adjustment. Choosing to work in your own business requires skills that are required by managers, rather than only professionals in the particular area of expertise. Freelancers have to be developers, service-oriented, bosses (of themselves), accountants, and more. 

Their day at work involves multiple challenges, such as a tendency for the short-term perspective, difficulty adjusting to new situations, limited labor resources, and fear of changes in uncertain situations. All these lead to a reactive approach to work and a here-and-now mentality. This prevents growth and prosperity processes that will enable the business to survive in the long term. 

In the course of my study, I have met freelancers who work alone and are full of creative desires and ideas. Freelancers who only wait for the right time, for conditions to ripen, and for the uncertainty in their lives to dissolving, whereupon they will turn from reactors to actors. 

Lone Creation Experience is a gamified work tool that accompanies the development of creative ideas for freelancers by using their imagination. The tool asks the user to stop for a moment (or two), map situations, and overcome uncertainty through visual simulations in order to imagine interactions, experience new ideas without risk, and assess their feasibility by evaluating capabilities. This way, creative processes can be developed into a work plan independently.

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Moran Barak

BA in industrial design from Hadassah College (2018) and M.Des in industrial design from Bezalel (2022). Moran is active in the public arena out of an approach that seeks to improve people’s quality of life through design. Over the past three years she has worked as a service designer in the Community Service Administration of the Jerusalem Municipality, implementing a variety of projects. For example, developing the municipal program for preventing falls, establishing a preliminary counseling network for the unemployed, and a design study on the period between high school and adulthood in East Jerusalem. 

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