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Preventing Waste


Ori Kedar

Design Management and Innovation track

Mentor — 

Dr. Elad Persov

A new way to use time for managing and preventing waste

Landfills are the easiest and the worst way of getting rid of waste, it causes increased greenhouse gas emissions, lead pollution, harms animals, and pollutes water reservoirs. Israel uses landfills to rid of 80% of its waste which is twice the amount as the European average. Any attempt to implement a strategic plan to decrease the size of the landfills in the last two decades failed. The following human-based research defines a new way to increase reuse based on the participants' behavior in this ecosystem. The first step is identifying the moments in people's lives where their actions are most likely to create large amounts of waste, such as in a home renovation. By mapping and managing the products, objects, and raw materials, the system can potentially decrease the amount of waste in landfills and open land.

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Ori Kedar

Uri is a designer, graduated from Bezalel in 2004 and has since been engaged in the design of commercial spaces, project management and development
in various design fields for leading companies in their field.

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