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Eylon Javetz

Design Management and Innovation track

Mentor — 

‪Elad Persov

a new method to stimulate fresh perspectives and collaborative design delivering high value novelty at scale

IMPACT Design is a method that empowers management teams to design systemic, groundbreaking ideas in a dynamic and creative manner. 

The need for a new method arises in a complex world, characterized by high velocity, vast scale, and immense perplexing challenges, evoking a need for humanity- and even planet-centered design.

Interviews with senior executives at giant technology corporations and global consulting companies, which took place as part of a comprehensive study, pointed to thinking challenges and a lack of methods to formulate grand designs under complexity, when seeking to outpace, outscale, outideate, and outdisrupt competitors.

Accordingly, the new method, and the accompanying lexicon, enable rapid reframing of the changing ecosystem, disinhibit thought, form shared understandings regarding big systemic ideas, and shape levers that deliver impact.

The method generates creativity in a way that combines in-depth investigation with playfulness, utilizing digital concept maps and proprietary cue cards. 

The decision makers redefine, by themselves, their shared understandings, including the very logic and concepts through which they will interpret their world. 

They reimagine and design extensive implementation moves, while recalibrating execution in real time, in an approach that encourages impact and novelty at scale, to the benefit of the organization and the greater good.

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Eylon Javetz

Eylon Javetz delivers strategic innovation and business advisory services, 

working closely with executives and investors. 

Prior to that, Eylon worked in the hedge fund arena in the US. 

In the past, Eylon served as a policy planner and security expert in the Middle East.

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