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Work Away from Work (WAW)


Yair Uziel

Design Management and Innovation track

Mentor — 

Hadas Zemer Ben-Ari

Reflecting on and adapting the home work environment via a self-guided interactive cards journey

Working from home has become commonplace for so many companies, largely thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic which thrust us into a way of life that had existed before but wasn’t practiced by the majority.

For some, working in the home environment was already familiar. For most, however, this was a fresh experience. The sudden need to improvise and learn how to manage on the spot led to temporary solutions that became long-term. Many of us never reconsidered these solutions.

This shift largely happened without clear guidelines or instruction from one’s employers, whose interest in improving the home work environment stems from both their needs (efficiency, productivity) and their employees’ needs (wellbeing, home/work balance). However, since it is done within the personal home, they lack means and authority to actively drive changes in it.

A solution offered by the WAW project is aimed at tech employees who are joining a new company. Through WAW, they can perform a 6-day self-evaluation of their home work environment using self-guided cards. The WAW cards are a solo, linear, interactive journey that invites the employee to think, inspect and adapt their personal environment. They aim to drive a thought process in a gamified and light manner, with the goal of improving the workday experience of the player.

As a continuation to the card experience, the website offers a growing collection of ideas and tips that inspire adaptation to the work from home situation - offering both physical and mental changes that we can easily make.

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Yair Uziel

Yair works as a manager in a start-up by day, and dabbles with various design projects at night. He holds a BA in communications from the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center.

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