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Tamar: The First-Ever Artist 3D Printer


Mor Peled

Design and Technology track

Mentor — 

Itay Laniado

The project examines the symbiotic relationship between artists and the tools they used in their work, and particularly the 3D printer, currently used by many in their creative work. The focus of the project is Tamar, the first-ever artist 3D printer, which challenges our established concept of the human artist and empowers the machine to the status of autonomous creativity, while reversing the traditional power relations we are accustomed to between artists and their tools. It is Tamar that uses the human as a tool – by dialoguing with a human, its artwork takes shape. In its work, it embodies the essence of the dialogue in the form of lines and shapes. 

The project offers a merger of innovative technology and artistic expression, giving a glimpse into a future where machines will contribute to the art discourse autonomously. Prepare to witness a thought-provoking journey which reimagines the artist’s role and foreshadows a new era of joint creativity.

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Mor Peled

My name is Mor Peled. I was born in Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak in southern Israel, and after several years in the center, I now return to live there with my family. 

I am an artist, specializing in sculpting, video and technology. My works blur the boundary between art and technology, and between the creative act and the reality around me. My starting point is using objects that are an inseparable part of my life, which I combine with advanced technology. I create using modeling, scanning, and 3D printing. I bring manual sketches, notebook pages, or quick phone snapshots to life – I perform the magic using software and coding languages such as Python, thereby connecting an algorithm with a lifeless object. My thoughts become action made up of multiple little decisions, weaved layer upon layer. They are affected by one another to create a new object or video.

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