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Sun Machine


Ohad Leipziger

Design and Technology track

Mentor — 

Mark Shovman

The Sun Machine is a dynamic lighting solution that simulates natural light in the home environment. The lighting solution produces dynamic angles and changes in the shades and intensities of light. Traditional home lighting systems are limited in their ability to provide a comprehensive lighting experience. The Sun Machine overcomes these limitations by providing a variety of lighting definitions that mimic the dynamic nature of sunlight. The main feature of the Sun Machine is its ability to simulate the changing angles of natural light. Through dynamic adjustments of the light direction, the system adjusts the lighting so as to produce different moods and atmospheres along the day. 

The Sun Machine enables users to adapt the lighting conditions to a variety of personal activities and preferences. Whether it is bright and invigorating light for work, or soft and warm glow for relaxation, the system smoothly adjusts itself to personal needs, maximizing the efficiency of the inner environment for comfort and wellbeing. This technology combines aesthetic design with smart automation to adapt the lighting environment by the time of day, weather conditions, and individual preferences. 

By emulating the natural patterns of sunlight, the Sun Machine has the potential of improving various aspects in tenants’ lives. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light changes helps regulate the circadian rhyme, improve sleep quality, enhance moods, and increase productivity. With this innovative lighting solution, people can experience these advantages in the comfort of their homes, regardless of external conditions. 

The Sun Machine project offers a new approach to home lighting. This innovative system has the potential of improving the quality of living in apartments by creating a visually attractive and health promoting environment. With the development of this technology, it is expected to revolutionize the way we light our lives, while cultivating harmonious coexistence between nature and the contemporary life rhythm.

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Ohad Leipziger

After my military service, I saw an ad for an experienced electronic engineer, and decided to apply. Despite having served as an electronic technician, I got the job, to my surprise. My job was to take products from development to production. In this job I became exposed to the industrial design world, and I decided to continue in this direction. 

I completed a B.Des. in industrial design at Bezalel, and subsequently an M.Des in industrial design in Milano, with honors. Towards my graduation, I was contacted by AutoCAD, which sought an employee with knowledge in design and computers, English and Italian. In this job I led projects mainly in Philips in Eindhoven and in the Fiat Group. 

After several years in Italy I returned to Israel as the AE expert of Maya and D3 Animator software. Later on I worked once again as a designer, this time in Zog Studio, in which I worked among other things in ultrasound design for GE. The instruments had dozens of buttons, and so I learned the user interface area in depth. 

Over the years, the buttons turned into screens (and later also into sounds and gestures), and with them, I became an interface specifier. I have taught in the Bezalel Department of Industrial Design for several years, and spent many years teaching D3 animation. Today I specify human-machine interfaces and consult “for inventions”, from features to finished products.

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