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All You Knead Is You


Roee Bareket

Design and Technology track

Mentor — 

Marine Zorea

Softness, lumpiness, elasticity, heaviness – when was the last time you touched a material and felt any of these in your hands? Technology offers solutions designed to make life easy for us, but in practice, places partitions between us and the world. Direct contact with matter is minimized, and consequently our bodily faculties deteriorate and we rely less and less on our senses. 

The project outcome is a kneading surface that questions the relations between the body, the living material, and the technology in the home kitchen, encouraging the body to sense through embodied interaction. While kneading dough, the individual will feel tactile signals of quivering and rotation that will draw attention to sense the dough’s texture and elasticity. Technology does not replace the human action, but heightens awareness of the sense of touch and its nuances.

In a world where information is becoming increasingly digitized and quantified, the surface sheds light on our knowledge and offers an alternative, interactive way of receiving and experiencing information – in the kitchen and beyond.

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Roee Bareket

I love cooking, hosting, and using food to create authentic connections between people. For me, the home kitchen is a place to connect to oneself, to one’s senses and instincts. After a decade of service in the Israeli Air Force as well as a BA in Finance and Management from Ben Gurion University, I decided to pivot in my career and follow my passion: design, food, and all the places they overlap.

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