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Staff Room


Einat Azulay Polon

Design Management and Innovation track

Mentor — 

Dr. Elad Persov

"Quotation mugs" - quotes from teachers printed on coffee mugs Photo: Dor Kedmi

"Quotation mugs" - quotes from teachers printed on coffee mugs Photo: Dor Kedmi

Why study the staff room? Ever since I was a little girl, I was curious about the staff room door, which was always closed. I wondered what was going on there. What are the teachers actually doing there, and what are they talking about? Today I’m a teacher, present inside the secret room, and I know exactly what is going on in there. 

The staff room is the schools’ beating heart, the main space where teachers work and socialize. This is where they meet, share personal and professional experiences, and sometimes rest and refresh before the next lesson. 

Today, many staff rooms are used for a variety of purposes that are often conflict with one another, leading to difficulties in working and interacting in that space. The staff room is usually characterized by overcrowding, noise, lack of privacy, and a door that gets opened and closed constantly. The room is characterized by blurred boundaries between private and public, and the individual disappears. This situation denies the teachers a working environment that supports their various needs. 

In my field study, I have identified the difficulties of the staff room users and the problems in the room itself. I have and specified opportunities for intervention. The project offers an organizational and spatial solution that enables an individual, professional and social work environment.

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Einat Azulay Polon

Einat Azulay Polon is a multidisciplinary designer and artist with a B.Des in ceramics and glass and an M.Des in industrial design, both from Bezalel. She has a teaching certificate in education and art integration. Einat teaches art in an elementary school, designs learning and work environments and sets, and instructs excellence groups at the Israel Museum. 

Einat has a ceramic design studio in Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, near Jerusalem, where she lives. She specializes in designing lighting fixtures made of porcelain and useful tools which she shapes on the wheel. She has presented her works at the Jerusalem Theater, in various galleries, and in an exhibition at OCAD University, Toronto.

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