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Double You


Michal Turgeman

Design Management and Innovation track

Mentor — 

Dr. Elad Persov

Early in my second year at graduate school, I knew my final project will be about my team. But every time I told anyone about this with pride and shining eyes, the response by men, as well as women, was raised eyebrows and the question, what does soccer have to do with you? Obviously, they would never have asked a man that question. This typical reaction only strengthened my resolve. 

In the course of my research, I have designed and carried out a variety of interventions in the field, including a game in which I was the announcer, posting signs for the women’s bathrooms in Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem, and founding the Hapoel Women Lobby together with other fans. These moves were designed to increase the number of women fans in soccer matches. 

The fandom, persistence and optimism of the fans of the Hapoel Jerusalem Soccer Club is a test case for all women soccer fans in Israel and worldwide. Supporting soccer teams is a common masculine practice, whereas women’s fandom represents a fascinating phenomenon. Studying women fans sheds light on the dynamics of women’s entering and positioning in a masculine field, with women’s alienness in the arena creating new perspectives on fandom. 

Owned by its fans, Hapoel Jerusalem was used as a field for studying women’s fandom. This team is opposed to all kinds violence, racism and discrimination. It is a community-based team unique in the field of Israeli soccer, which invites women to join in and become part of its social-community agenda. 

These activities and others have all converged into the design of the Double You system, which is a kind of standard, a signature of approval, for Israeli soccer teams. Every team which will act to increase the number of women in the arena will receive the signature. In my final project, I hope to increase support for soccer by focusing on its gender aspect, which is commonly neglected in Israel and worldwide.

Hapoel forever.

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Michal Turgeman

Michal Turgeman has rich experience in the PR area. Over many years, she has led a variety of initiatives and collaborations with the industry, networking with individuals in key positions in the media areas and in the private and public sector. 

After studying criminology for her BA, Michal worked in 2005-2023 in Bezalel in managing the spokesmanship and PR area. During most of that time she also managed the academy’s marketing and event area. 

Michal lives in Har Adar, near Jerusalem, together with her spouse, three children and dog. She is a member of the Hapoel Jerusalem Soccer Club, which is owned by its fans. She volunteers for the team and is currently in the process of founding the Hapoel Women Lobby.

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