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Shira Ben Israel

A woman at the exhibition next to the screens of the project

*norma project credit: Dor Kedmi

Reshaping the Conception of Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks are an inseparable part of many people’s lives. Nevertheless, their presence in public space is often met with social aversion and misunderstanding.

This project provides a three-tier systemic solution. The first presents a reflection of the anxiety attack through the monitoring of parameters and their translation into  a visual image that represents the user’s emotional state. This will provide validity and a sense of  control over the experience. The second tier uses this mapping of the anxiety experiences in public spaces in order to reduce the sense of loneliness and reinforce the sense of communality as the frequency of the phenomenon is made visible. The third tier is providing a standard stamp, evaluating the degree of friendliness to anxiety attacks, which organizations will strive to meet. It is designed to standardize the phenomenon and encourage various institutes to take active part in change.

Following the project, the discourse on anxiety attacks will be established as a social norm, fostering a conscious society that enables individuals to live alongside anxiety attacks without experiencing shame.

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Shira Ben Israel

Shira Ben Israel is a service and human-based designer, researcher and interaction designer using innovative technologies (and also a certified tattoo artist).

Graduated from the Department of Visual Communication at Bezalel with a bachelor's degree. Later she led innovation and technology projects in education and entrepreneurial processes. In her M.Des studies, she went on a student exchange in Estonia where she was exposed to innovative methods of service design and the world of E-government. Currently she works as a service designer in the National Digital System and manages design-based projects with emphasis on customer and user experience, leading digital transformation strategies, and still trying to change the world...

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