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Time Fixture


Tom Love

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Mentor — 

Tal Mor Sinay

There is an essential relationship between the sun and moon and humanity, one that has shaped our biological and cultural evolution since the dawn of human existence. 

With the onset of the Industrial Revolution, people began to disengage with the rhythm dictated by the sun. The day was broken into shifts, workplaces became roofed, and artificial light made daylight redundant. Seemingly, we have conquered darkness. 

However, our relationship with natural light and our biologically imprinted rhythms are still with us. In fact, the change in our lifestyle created a gap between the rhythms: for the first time, the rhythm of life has become different from our biological rhythm. We compensate for this gap using a variety of uppers and downers – coffee, medicines and drugs. 

Time Fixture seeks to return the natural rhythm to our lives. To resynchronize the biological body rhythm – the circadian rhythm – and the contemporary lifestyle. A home light fixture inspired by the sun and emulates the natural properties of light, thereby creating a space that meets the need for an external indicator to synchronize the biological functions with our individual schedule. 

The qualities of natural light are expressed in the fixture in three ways: 

  • Shade: Shade differences occur throughout the day, with blue and green light waves marking the start and duration of the day; toward the end of the day and sunset, the light waves change into yellow and red shades. 
  • Intensity: The light is turned on and off gradually, rather than suddenly.
  • Movement: Perhaps the most important quality that is lacking in artificially lighted spaces – the movement of the sun not only characterizes the light but also affects our spatial perception.

The light fixture will provide the home space with the qualities of natural light and restore the synchronicity so essential for our contemporary lifestyle and personal schedule.

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Tom Love

Designer and artistic manager. Owner and partner in K.Z. love Studio Israel/Berlin, specializing in design in public and private spaces at a large and huge scale. His activity spans a wide range of creative endeavors such as dance, theater, music, installations and performances, where he uses space and light as material and a starting point in his works. 

In his work, Tom explores and highlights the relationships between the human perception of external space and the reality unfolding in the inner human space. He seeks to touch upon those two spheres, and create a space or object that will emphasize the relationship between them in order to direct attention to their effects.

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