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Arabic Calligraphy
Archaeology through Design
Body-Cloth Translatability
Care(ful) Interdependence
Creative Procrastination
Decision Making
Digital Disruption
Emotional Attachment
Experiential Learning
Ghost Faces
Giving Voice
Grief Rituals
Human Centered Design
IVF in Dialogue
Learning Map
Material Identities
Non Place
Objects of Memory
Peer Learning
Sensory Augmentation
Sexual Wellness
Social Capital
Social-somatic synchronisation
Urban Greening
Virtual Rehabilitation
Waste Prevention


Graduates of 2022 Exhibition

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About the Glossary
This glossary, proposed by the class 2021 graduates, contains a variety of terms that together characterize our practice and approach to design research today.

The glossary provides a current overview and a unique perspective – a new design-related take based on a year of research made in several research approaches and methodologies.
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About the program
The Bezalel Industrial Design Masters program is a two-year program educating outstanding designers and creators to take on leading roles in an ever-changing world.
The program offers three tracks: Design Management and Innovation, Experimental Design (About Design), and Design and Technology, in which the students gain tools, knowledge, and creative study. The program is based on the premise that designers are agents of change facilitating interdisciplinary connections, as well as new perspectives and original solutions to current issues. The program creates opportunities for experiencing work in various fields: hi-tech and industry, the curatorial and art world, the academic and research world, the third sector, and local authorities - as well as in the framework of international cooperations with leading academies. 

​The program exposes the students to the deeper meanings of central processes currently taking place in the world. It allows them to translate processes of innovation and design thinking into a distinct personal language while integrating processes related to product design and new services in a competitive dynamic world. In the course of their studies, the students build their ability to integrate into multidisciplinary teams and develop processes. In addition, the students acquire tools to act in a global environment, connect with interested parties, and balance different requirements. These skills will be the central foundation in the students’ ability to find their place and to succeed in the Israeli and global markets.

​The program opened in 2003 and our graduates have taken positions in the industry and design fields: as innovation team managers in local authorities and the Air Force, hi-tech and startups product designers, UI/UX designers in global companies such as Microsoft, HP, Intel, lab managers in the Weizmann Institute and Ort education network, lecturers in design academies, and curators, creators, and entrepreneurs. Our team of lecturers includes designers and leading curators, marketing experts, and researchers with vast knowledge in strategy management, product management, and design, service management, interaction, and game design, programming, storytelling, critical thinking, curation, and writing.
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